The Importance of Permission-Based Email Marketing

From the moment the internet and email communication was invented, spam or junk mail became the most recurring dilemma of mass email users. Email opt-in became an evident solution to stop these unwanted emails from coming. A concrete introduction to this approach will make it easier to understand how important Permission-Based Email Marketing is.

permission based email marketing

What is Permission-Based Email Marketing?

From the compound word “Permission-Based”, it is an authorized activity granted by an individual to another. Once an email account user transitions to an avid subscriber, email transmission shifts into a smooth communication between your business and your list of subscribers. This essential feature is mostly where vast email programs rely upon. Requesting permission is a polite gesture not only to increase your email list but also to build rapport with your customers.

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What are the benefits?

A considerable number of businesses are still missing the point of this unique and effective tool. In view of this email strategy, it will not only boost their online visibility but their marketability as well. Simply put, if you presume your subscribers demand current information rather than what they signed up for, it will just create a hurdle instead of turning them into potential customers. By letting your customers choose whether or not to join your subscription list raises your credibility. An email user definitely requires privacy protection in order to preserve their identity. Giving an utmost respect to your subscribers is a sure way to keep rational interest on your business.


1. Sustains your leverage online and business profitability.

2. Proof that you regard your customer’s privacy.

3. Send out only to interested recipients.

On the other hand, sending unwanted emails will not only make your business look unprofessional but also unbecoming, as this method is considered ineffective and useless. Multitude unresponsive recipients is a huge waste of time and money. Bad reviews can destroy one’s business reputation even if your sole intention is to make a positive exposure out of it. Unsolicited marketing email approach is a bad idea. A lot of companies nowadays sell quality email addresses in bulk as a shortcut to success. In addition to this, buying an email list will immensely create a negative impact on your brand.


1. Nearly all recipients will be passive or unresponsive.

2. Wasteful means in time and money matters.

3. Unethical business reputation.

Quick Tips on how to build an effective Permission-Based Email Marketing List

A remarkable brand along with its exceptional reputation is never without its long list of steadfast customers. Your reputation, good or bad, can be spread through word-of-mouth and particularly on social media and online platforms.

To grow your budding email list of addresses, here are ways to boost your permission-based email marketing list:

  • Design a comprehensive and detailed registration or sign-up form.
  • Hand over printed forms and gather once completed all throughout your designated tradeshows, fairs, and other events.
  • Offer discount coupons to those who deliberately signed up.
  • An email sign-up link must be visible on your page, email or post at all times.
  • Your brand and reputation can also be built through the list of your customer’s connections by placing a forward-to-a-friend link.

Wrapping It Up

A good email marketing strategy is not always the superb quality of content you bring to your customers. Securing approval from your subscribers and making them stay engaged is the key to gain their enduring trust. Furthermore, with this email practice, your customers will reciprocate the courtesy given to them by staying loyal towards your brand or any business being offered.

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