Version updates, August 2016

As always, ActiveTrail has some exciting surprises for you that you’ll be happy to hear about and that are going to put you another step forward in your marketing.


The innovations we want to update you about this month are: integration with Facebook Leads, a new feature in our survey system –NPS question, visual reports in our automation system, and more.

Presenting – the ActiveTrail platform updates for August, 2016

Automatic integration with Facebook Leads

Our newest integration allows you to connect to Facebook Leads and to draw your contacts from there automatically!

This way, every new lead of yours that you gathered through the sign up forms (Facebook Leads) on Facebook becomes your contact in the ActiveTrail platform.  The integration lets you send emails immediately to new subscribers (via the triggered email feature) and even to create special automations for people who signed up through Facebook.

Activating the new feature is as easy as it gets:

1. Go to the account settings in ActiveTrail, there you’ll see a new tab called “Facebook Leads”.

After clicking on the tab, you’ll arrive at the following screen:

Log in

2. A click on the “Log In” button will open a log in screen to your Facebook account:

dana FB

Press ‘Okay’ and the pages you administer on Facebook (public profile only) will now appear in your ActiveTrail account.

3. Afterwards, you can see all the pages you administer in this tab. In order to synchronize the leads, hit the “sync” button:


The Facebook pages you synchronized will appear in orange, while those you didn’t synchronize – with a green button:


In the button on the left, the “Properties” appear.

A click on the “Properties” button will let you choose to which group to assign your contacts that reached you through Facebook Leads.

Note that you can move your contacts from Facebook Leads to any group you want or form a special group called “Facebook Leads” to which you’ll assign all your leads that came via Facebook.  Choose whichever option is more convenient for you.

Now you can use these leads however you like in the ActiveTrail platform, such as editing a special campaign for them, “triggered campaign”, to put them into an automation targeted for them, or simply adding them to your regular groups.

The integration is simple and convenient. A one-time synchronization and your contacts continue to be synchronized from Facebook automatically!

Will you recommend us to the group? A new question in our survey system

Net Promoter Score -NPS

The million-dollar question for any business, the one that truly measures how much your community of customers likes you and how satisfied they are with your service, is the NPS question, the question of recommendation to a friend.

Net Promoter Score question

The question is one with set wording and preset parameters according to which your grade will be determined, derived from the answers of survey respondents, on a scale of 1-10.

The question is – How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?

Survey Question

The percentage of happy answers (a likelihood of 9-10 of recommendation to a friend) minus the percentage of sad answers (from 0 to 6) equals your NPS result.

We wish you only happy answers!

Updates in our new automation system:

1. Visual reports

In our visual automation system you can view reports that update immediately and visually!

Logging in to the automation report will present you with the data about all your contacts who started the automation, received email, opened email, clicked on email, received an SMS, or completed the automation.

Holding the cursor on any step of the automation will show you how many passed that step, how many opened the email, etc., in accordance with the action of that step:

Within the automation, you can make on-the-spot changes to any specific campaign whose open rates or click-on rates don’t satisfy you, and improve that campaign in the automation for the next contacts to receive it.

visual reports

2. New triggers beginning the automation by date and by manual import of contacts

We’ve added triggers in our automation system that let you start new automation!

The date trigger – allows you to create an automation according to a specific set date, that could be a holiday, a special sale you’re holding on specific dates, the day of a performance/soccer game/event, etc., wherever your imagination takes you.

The manual addition trigger – allows you to set manual addition of contacts to a specific group, such as importing contacts from an Excel file, as a trigger.

3. Trial sending of an automation

A trial sending of the automation lets you run a check of the automation by entering an email address and a telephone number.  A click on the trial sending will send the automation to the email and the telephone you entered, step by step within a few minutes.  That way you can make sure your automation works exactly as you planned it.

Hit the “send test” button that appears at the top left and enter the details in the window that opens:

send test

4. Contact updates via Webhooks

The “update contact” action in our automation system allows you to send updates about contacts to your various CRM systems via Webhooks, if you like.

Additional Updates:

Just in Time– the feature that will determine for you the optimal time to send your newsletter to each and every one of your contacts is now at your disposal.  The feature is the product of an original development by ActiveTrail that will solve the eternal quandary “when’s the best time to send the newsletter?”

Google fonts – We’ve added new fonts to sign up forms and landing pages:

SackersGothicStd-Heavy, SackersGothicStd-Medium, AvenirLTStd-Book, Open Sans, Roboto, Tinos, Arimo, Cousine.

And one last-but-not-least update – our platform is now available in Spanish, too! Viva la Espana!

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