5 Vacation Autoresponders Everybody Hates to Receive

For once in your work life, you’ve probably received an email autoresponder that made you cringe. Not only was it badly written, but it had all things unprofessional all over it.

I hate vacation autoresponders

While we all understand that everybody needs a time off, an appropriate email autoresponder should not be hard to pull off. There are unwritten rules when it comes to preparing your email autoresponder, especially when you expect clients, stakeholders, and business partners to receive it.  Professionalism, sensibility, and clarity are just a few things that you need to check.

As they say, writing is an art. Therefore, writing your email autoresponder should be clever, and no one wants to see bad art. So, the next time you’re set to go on a vacation, be sure avoid these email autoresponder faux pas.

The Humble Brag

It’s when the auto-responder says that the person can’t give a swift response and then segues to the location, even giving a clear description of it. Here’s a sample: “I won’t be able to reply to your emails immediately as I have limited Internet access here in the beautiful island of Maldives, enjoying the waves and the shoreline.”


The Commander

Some people feel so in-demand that they have the authority to tell others what to do just because they are away. The commander is a person who writes an email autoresponder like this: “If your concern can’t wait, re-send your message on August 15. I should be able to see it by then.”

The Confusing Directions

When you’re needed to be reached for urgent matters, do not make it complicated. Give one or two lines you will most likely be available. Avoid saying this: “If you need immediate assistance, please shoot a message to my personal email [personal email here] or contact me on Viber [Viber number here]. I am also online on Skype [Skype ID]. So, where exactly can we reach you?

confusing instructions

The Liar

No one would believe when you say, “Forgive my slow response. I will try to check my email every so often.” Everybody knows that you will receive a push notification each time a message goes to your email inbox.

The “I’m the Boss”

Some people just can’t help showing others that they are the boss. Even in their autoresponders, they would say, “For urgent matters, my secretaries will assist you. Please contact them at…”

When everyone knows you’re the boss, you don’t have to rub it on our faces.

I'm the boss

Quick Tips!

You don’t have to make things complicated or try to be creative to have a professional email autoresponder. Forget about memes of gifs. It won’t make you look cool or fun. The simple, the better.

You can be as honest and direct as “I am currently out of the office and will be back on Monday, August 21. For urgent matter, please contact Carol at XXXXXXXXX.”

This kind of email autoresponder can easily communicate that you’re out for vacation, the date you will be back, and who to reach for important matters. Those three are the only things that we need to know. No one’s interested if you’re having a bucket of beers or dancing at beach parties.

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