Radio-Active: ActiveTrail’s November 2020 Updates!

After a little break, we’re finally back – and boy, do we have news for you! In the past months, we’ve worked ceaselessly on our system, making it simpler, smarter, and more accessible, just for you.



So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the thick of things, and happily, we have great answers to the question “what’s new?” Let’s get started:

⭐ TL;DR ⭐

  • We’ve upgraded our pop-ups system and added some cool templates 🎉
  • Our Salesforce super-smart integration is out, and we even made sure that you’ll be able to install it yourself easily 🤓
  • We also launched an easy-to-use integration with the My Business CRM system 😎

Pop (up) culture

As you are probably well aware, pop-ups are a very easy and effective means for forming closer relationships with visitors to your site. The right pop-up lets you interact with your site visitors, grow your mailing list, offer them special deals, and approach them at exactly the right time during their visit.

Pop-Up by ActiveTrail

For this reason, we decided to augment the system’s pop-up feature with our super convenient Drag N’ Drop interface AND we added a bunch of new pre-designed templates. In short, the process of designing + implementing pop-ups on your site is now simpler and more intuitive than ever before. There are no more excuses – it’s pop time!

Make it POP >>> 

ActiveTrail for Salesforce: Twice the Data, Twice the Advantages

Everyone knows that knowledge = power, but data? It’s worth its weight in gold. We are, therefore, especially excited to tell you about our new integration with Salesforce, allowing you to add the might of Salesforce to your campaigns, creating the perfect marketing cloud!

ActiveTrail for Salesforce

The new integration lets you synchronize between the two systems and to send automated campaigns to your subscribers based on their Interests, the products they use, their behavior, the status of sales processes, and many other interesting pieces of subscriber information. Here are a few things you can do with the integration:

  • Synchronize data between the systems 

The integration lets you synchronize your lead and customer lists, giving you a fuller picture (including demographics, areas of interest, and additional parameters).

  • Keep updated regarding the status of your customers

Through the integration, you’ll be able to obtain the status of your clients directly from Salesforce and understand, at any given time, where they are within your ActiveTrail marketing funnel: which campaigns they clicked on, which of them they opened, which SMS messages were sent to them, etc.

  • Create personalized customer journeys that convert

On account of the integration between the systems, you’ll be able to activate personalized automations based on a client’s current status and their behavior. For example: an automation that will be triggered immediately after a conversation with a salesperson or, perhaps, automation that will send an email to leads that have already received a price quote.

  • Help your sales team win more leads

Based on the information you’ve accumulated regarding your customers, you’ll be able to help your sales team provide a better, more precise service experience by offering customers products and services that are much more relevant to their needs.

And… Did we mention that you can install the integration on your own within an hour, and without developers, complex procedures, or hidden costs? 

Learn How to Install ActiveTrail for Salesforce Here >>>

Your business is also our business: Integration with the My Business system

When it comes to business, every company chooses the CRM system that best fits its operations. As such, we’ve also developed an integration with My Business.

ActiveTrail for Mybusiness

With the integration, the two systems can interface, giving you a comprehensive picture of your leads and customers, allowing you to create much smarter marketing funnels and to generate more conversions. A great deal!

So there you have it, folks, all the good stuff we’ve been cooking backstage are now served, and we hope you’ll like it! 

If you have further questions and/or suggestions, feel free to connect with us via Facebook, Email, or our online “get in touch” form. 

See you next time 😉

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