Meet ActiveTrail’s newsletter editor – improve your e-mail campaign!

Creating an email campaign, how hard could it possibly be?

If you have any experience in creating and designing email campaigns then you know that it’s not always such an easy task. Getting all the different elements of the email in line with each other can sometimes be an excruciating task if you aren’t working with the right email newsletter software.

But rest assured, using ActiveTrail’s email campaign editor, you can create professional, beautiful email newsletter marketing campaigns that will fascinate and charm your customers within minutes and be very satisfied with the results. No need to bicker with images that just won’t stay where you want them, no need to waste precious time on hard work that your email campaign editor should be doing for you, and most importantly, no need to settle for anything less than perfect.

When you have ActiveTrail’s email campaign editor, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the endless possibilities, the editor does most of the work for you!

Using an email campaign editor – the easiest way to create a professional campaign within minutes

Using ActiveTrail’s email campaign editor to design email newsletter marketing campaigns is the most user friendly and easy to use method of designing email campaigns. “Drag and Drop” options allow you to place every element exactly where you want it, duplicate elements and design the email campaign exactly to your liking. Your email campaign will look exactly how you want it to look and will be ready in minutes!

A picture is worth a thousand words

Integrating pictures into your email campaign design couldn’t be easier with ActiveTrail’s email campaign editor. Just drag and drop your images anywhere you want. Edit your images, change their size or add text to the image, all with a click of the mouse. No external programs are needed, edit your images right from the email campaign editor to save time and get the most professional results.

Buttons in every shape and size – they are all waiting for you

User-friendly newsletter editor

No need to design your own buttons and waste precious time, just pick one of the buttons from the enormous array of buttons available in the email campaign editor. Your email campaign’s design will look exactly how you want it to look with the buttons that you choose, different buttons for different actions. Create your own buttons if the ones available don’t match your design, all from the same easy to use editor.

Keeping everything in line – not always an easy task

ActiveTrail’s email campaign editor will make sure all the different elements of your email are in line with each other. As you add new elements to your email the editor will automatically adjust them to fit your existing design and save you a lot of hard work. No need to waste time on moving each picture one pixel to the left or adjusting the text to be exactly below the image, it will already be there waiting for you.

Don’t have any time to work on your design? Just use one of the ready templates

To save you precise time we have prepared many templates which are just waiting for you to use. Just pick one of the many templates and you are ready to go. Add your personal design and content and send out a new email campaign in minutes.

Mobile, tablet or any other device – no one will have any trouble with your design

mobile designs

Many of your customers will prefer to read your emails on a mobile device of some sort, but rest assured, you are covered. Just design your email campaign the way you want it to appear and we will take care of the rest. The email campaign editor automatically creates and email which can be seen in any type of device and your design will not be lost in translation.

So, now it’s time to get to work

Try out ActiveTrail’s email newsletter software now and have your first email ready to send out in minutes!