Social integration

ActiveTrail is a multi-channel marketing system featuring a wide range of advanced options to integrate with social networks.

Social network integration gives your Landing Page visitors and email campaign recipients an opportunity to share, distribute, respond to and become enamored with your content. Such integration allows you to expose your messages, disseminated over email and on landing pages, to a much wider audience and to strengthen the brand loyalty web surfers feel towards your products and company. Facebook Lead Ads integrated with ActiveTrail allows you to connect via email with contacts who came to you through Facebook, in a completely automatic fashion.

Studies show that multi-channel marketers that combine email and social network channels, see an immediate increase in their ROI. ActiveTrail blocks and integrations give you easy to use tools to capitalize on this opportunity yourself.

Facebook Lead Ads

ActiveTrail integration with Facebook Lead Ads gives you the capacity to email new contacts that just now completed a Facebook registration form! Our system extracts registrant data from the Lead Ads and automatically imports this data directly into your ActiveTrail account.

All that you need to do is to connect to your Facebook profile from the account settings page within ActiveTrail:

facebook login

After making the connection the system will display all of the Facebook pages managed by you. By clicking on the “synchronize” button in the middle of the page, you can choose whether to synchronize these pages with Facebook or not. Using the “properties” button at the top left of the screen, you can select how to assign contacts who have come via Facebook Lead Ads.

After you have synchronized the pages a single time and set which groups your contacts will be assigned to, your work is over!

The ActiveTrail system will automatically receive updates from connected Facebook Lead Ads, to which you can react as you please. You can build automations, send these contacts emails with special offers just for them and a multitude of other possibilities.

It is abundantly simple and exceedingly clever to connect with ActiveTrail.

Social Network Blocks

ActiveTrail’s user friendly campaign editor and landing page editor offer users to create blocks for connecting social media platforms to various marketing channels.

“Find Us” Block

Find us

The Find Us block is a block that you place on a landing page or in an email campaign. The block contains buttons overlaid with icons of the social networks in which you are active. In addition to the buttons appearing at the top of the block, you may, with the help of the Links Editor, add to your webpage links to Instagram, Tumbler, Viadeo, Pinterest and YouTube.

link to social

Users who click on an icon within the Find Us block will be redirected to a pre-specified URL, the URL of your home page on the given social network. With these few simple actions you can grow your social media fan base.

Our icon gallery offers a variety of designs for you to choose from:

social icons

Share Block

By placing a Share Block when constructing an email campaign or landing page you are opening a window of opportunity for your email recipients and website visitors to share your campaign or landing page with others via Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook.

share button

Our landing page and campaign editors provide an additional sharing option: in the “Settings” column to the left of the blocks you may add a picture that will appear when users share your campaign or landing page on Facebook:

sharing block

Comments Block

Within the Landing Page Editor you will find an option to add a block designed for collecting comments from page visitors. By way of this block, page visitors will be able to provide you with their input via your Facebook account directly from the landing page. They can even share their comments together with the Facebook page:

comments block

Like Block

like block

The name says it all. This block allows visitors to your landing page to Like the page just as they might do for a blog or other page on your website.

A final, but very important type of social media interaction available in ActiveTrail, is the ability to create Facebook campaigns that lead users to landing pages built in ActiveTrail. One of the more effective methods of generating leads in Facebook is to create a pinpointed Facebook campaign that leads web surfers to a landing page. Use a registration form to create a Facebook campaign that routes to a landing page developed in ActiveTrail.

Integrate and tie your digital marketing channels together with ActiveTrail and watch your ROI climb to new heights.