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ActiveTrail Automations in Practice (Part 1 of 4) Onboarding

30 October, 2016 / / Email Campaigns
Real world examples of ActiveTrail clients using automations to create more streamlined, effective digital marketing campaigns that yield better results. Although made easier by software platforms such as ActiveTrail, running a multiple mail email marketing campaign over time can...

Using Predictive Analysis in Your Email Marketing Campaign

15 September, 2016 / / Email Campaigns
Active Trail provides its customers with countless automation possibilities that complement their specific business needs. One of Active Trail’s more notable features is named Predictive Delivery.

Version updates, August 2016

8 August, 2016 / / Email Campaigns
As always, ActiveTrail has some exciting surprises for you that you'll be happy to hear about and that are going to put you another step forward in your marketing.

ActiveTrail is blossoming – version updates, May 2016

19 May, 2016 / / Email Campaigns
It's not only cherries that blossom in the spring. ActiveTrail is bursting with innovations for the springtime and we can't wait to tell you about them.

The Access Guide to ActiveTrail’s RESTful API

2 May, 2016 / / Email Campaigns
Using RESTful API you can do everything that can be done in the Activetrail system- by machine! The interface is very programmer-friendly, clear, and easy to use. So let's get to work.

What’s new at ActiveTrail? Updates and improvements hot out of the oven, February 2016

18 February, 2016 / / Email Campaigns
We want to tell you about the latest upgrades and improvements we've added to the system!

Write a Successful Newsletter in 10 Simple Steps

13 December, 2015 / / Email Campaigns
If you follow these 10 steps, you’ll be able to ensure the success of each and every one of your newsletters.

How Do I Choose My Newsletter Subject Line?

25 October, 2015 / / Email Campaigns
Suffering from low open rates? Try sprucing up your titles.

Measure Your Campaign Success Over Time

7 October, 2015 / / Email Campaigns
What do you know about open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates and remove-from-list rates?

Tech Guide: How to Create a “Do Not Send” List

17 September, 2015 / / Email Campaigns
Don’t strain yourselves creating a “do not send” list – there’s a simple equation that will make your lives much easier.
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