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B2B companies and Start-ups: Here’s how to create an automation for a webinar! How to use ActiveTrail’s automation system – article #3

25 July, 2016 / / Newsletter Marketing
An important activity that combines marketing with guidance, used by companies to help customers and potential customers get to know them better, is the webinar. Learn how to get your customers to watch it!

How to use ActiveTrail’s automation system? #2 A recommended series of autoresponders for B2B companies

3 July, 2016 / / Newsletter Marketing
In this article we'll learn which emails should be sent to new B2B systems customers in our system's guide and introduction automation.

Switch to auto-pilot: the automatic emails that will do your work for you

15 June, 2016 / / Newsletter Marketing
The autoresponder is a feature that does all the work for you. With a little creativity, it can be one of the most efficient, successful ways for you to obtain and retain your customers’ attention.

Introducing ActiveTrail’s Marketing Automation System!

9 June, 2016 / / Newsletter Marketing
We promised you exciting news, and here it is! ActiveTrail is launching an automatic visual marketing system that helps you manage your marketing layout in the way that's the smartest, the most focused, and the most relevant to...

How to Improve Your Sign Up Forms and Gain More Subscribers in Three Simple Steps

27 December, 2015 / / Newsletter Marketing
When discussing optimization of email sign up forms, we tend to forget about the most basic and crucial element – the words that we use. Learn how to improve your sign up form with three simple changes.

The “must know” of making your email marketing campaign mobile responsive

22 July, 2015 / / Newsletter Marketing
If you want your email marketing campaign to look great on mobile, consider using anchor links and call links

The Most Common Mistakes Online Marketers Make and How to Fix Them- ActiveTrail’s Pros Speak Up

2 July, 2015 / / Newsletter Marketing
We set out to the different departments of ActiveTrail – development, support, marketing and sales – and asked our professional staff what, in their opinion, are the most common mistakes that online marketers make and how to avoid them....

Spring is Here and ActiveTrail is Blooming: All Updates and System Improvements – April 2015

27 April, 2015 / / Newsletter Marketing
April 2015: See all of the improvements in the ActiveTrail system

It’s Time to Start Using an SMS Marketing Software

22 March, 2015 / / Newsletter Marketing
Marketing with SMS: Here are some tips that will help you get started with your first SMS campaign

Use newsletter templates to promote your blog

4 March, 2015 / / Newsletter Marketing
Bloggers and marketing: This is why sending newsletters is a great solution for you
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