Add the might of ActiveTrail to your social media campaigns and start converting more. Much more!

ActiveTrail’s integration with social networks lets you build smart, multi-channel marketing funnels, automatically, and to target your ActiveTrail subscribers with personalized ads on Facebook or Instagram that will excite them, motivate them to click, and most importantly, increase your business’s conversion rate.

Reach the right audience with the right message:

Recapture customers that
have removed themselves

It’s never fun when subscribers remove themselves from your mailing list, but it doesn’t mean that your relationship with them is over! Target them on Facebook with personalized messages. Offer them relevant content that will entice them to join your community and even signup again to your mailing list.

Reclaim abandon carts with a
Facebook message

Did a customer fail to complete their purchase on your online store? Try to convert them on Facebook or Instagram with a personal note and a coupon for completing their purchase.

Create better segmented
audiences that generate more

Did a client sign up for your service or buy one of your products? Add them to a designated audience in Facebook and offer them more relevant offers that are more likely to convert.

Open a month long trial account now, and start building relationships with your customers over email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, and more!

No credit card Needed

How simple is it?

Build an automation
in the system.
Let the automation run and reach the
right audience at the best possible times.
Consult with the system’s reports and
maximize your results on an ongoing