Minimalist Marketing Guide: Writing Simple Yet Effective Emails

There’s beauty in keeping things simple. Whether in design, writing or storytelling, the minimalist philosophy that “less is more” is widely followed.

This rings true with the apparent popularity of minimalist marketing. By keeping things simple, marketing messages are clearly delivered and unnecessary elements are kept from causing distractions to the target audience.

Minimalist Marketing Benefits Email Automation

In email automation, minimalist marketing can help improve metrics, which may lead to better performance. The team behind Boomerang recommends writing emails at a third-grade reading level after finding that short words and sentences can get a 53% response rate, while emails written at college level can only get a 39% response rate.

It’s important to remember that minimalist email marketing is not limited to the length of words or sentences. The design also matters, including the choice of images as well as how simple and clear things are organized in your email.

For instance, simple emails load faster than those with a heavy design. This is more favorable to busy recipients who do not have forever to wait for your email to load. Simpler designs also make it easy for recipients to navigate your email and understand what you want to say.

Here are 6 Minimalist Marketing Tips for Email Marketers

Follow these minimalist email automation tips for better chances of conversions:

1. One email, one offer

Limit the offer in your email to one and go straight to the point

minimalistic 1

As much as possible, limit the offer in your email to one and go straight to the point. It would avoid confusion and recipients can easily get what’s in it for them.

Match your offer with a compelling and noticeable call to action to drive them to your desired result.

2. Keep your subject line short

Recommended length of your subject line is 50 characters only

minimalist 2

A well-written subject line is important because it’s the first thing recipients read from you. The best ones are short yet impactful.

It is recommended that your subject line is consisting of 50 characters only. If you could make it shorter, better. Remember, it shouldn’t be about the length. It’s about the hook!

3. Love your white space

Don’t be afraid to leave those spaces empty

minimalistic 3

When designing in your email automation software, don’t be afraid to leave those spaces empty. White spaces make your email design neat and free from distractions. It allows recipients to focus more on your content rather than those unnecessary design elements.

4. Limit the variety of colors

Choose a monochromatic palette. You can highlight important details and elements.

minimalistic 4

Colors give life to your email design, but too much of it could kill a good impression. Choose a monochromatic palette to stay true to simplicity. You can highlight important details and elements like your call-to-action button by using a brighter or contrasting color.

5. Avoid long videos

A 10-minute video is too much to think that you are just borrowing your recipient’s time


If you are featuring videos in your email, be sure to keep it as short as possible. Of course, video length may depend on its objective and the story that you want to tell. However, a 10-minute video is too much to think that you are just borrowing your recipient’s time.

A Nextweb article recommends the optimal length for video marketing. Tutorials must be limited to 45 – 90 seconds, while creative commercials can be up to 59 seconds. The average length for crowdfunding videos is 2.5 minutes, while testimonial videos or those that are very informative can be up to 119 seconds.

6. Keep your email content well-organized

minimalistic 6

Organize the structure of your email in a way that recipients can easily navigate it. Put the most important details in the beginning, and avoid turning off recipients by having a puzzling email structure.

You can check your marketing automation software for email templates to guide you in structuring your content well. Lastly, place your call-to-action button in a noticeable spot.

Simplicity is king. The best way to keep your email simple is to follow the best practices in minimalist marketing. Shorter words and sentences, clean design, and a well-structured content will save your email marketing performance. So, be sure to review your email more than once before clicking on the send button.

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