Using Predictive Analysis in Your Email Marketing Campaign

Choosing Active Trail for email marketing provides you with a diverse set of features that help with email campaign design, timing, analysis, and management. By offering all of these features within a single platform, Active Trail provides its customers with countless automation possibilities that complement their specific business needs. One of Active Trail’s more notable features is named Predictive Delivery, a groundbreaking development whose purpose is to send your mailings to each of your contacts at the optimal time. Read on to find out more about Predictive Delivery and some of its key advantages.

Predictive Analysis in Your Email Marketing Campaign

Predictive Delivery Overview

Active Trail designed the Predictive Delivery feature as a way to address the question “what is the optimal time to send email campaigns to specific contacts?” The tool makes use of Big Data capabilities to identify the time of day people are most likely to open your email campaigns. To start, our Predictive Analytics engine, will uncover the email opening behavior of each individual recipient on your campaign distribution list. The system will then identify the best time for your campaign to make an appearance in each addressee’s inbox. Finally, Predictive Delivery will send the campaign at the selected time of day for each recipient within the 24-hour period after you kick-off the campaign in Active Trail, or based on some other schedule you setup in the system.


Predictive Delivery Advantages

After reviewing the capabilities of Predictive Delivery the next step is to understand how this tool can benefit your email marketing campaigns. These advantages include the following:

• Ease of Use – Active Trail designers made sure that Predictive Delivery is easy to use and fully automated. Users can take advantage of Predictive Delivery with a single click of a button.
• Big Data Capabilities – Predictive Delivery’s use of Big Data makes your email campaigns significantly more effective by ensuring your content reaches each recipient at the ‘best’ possible time
• Automated Email Dispatch – Predictive Delivery determines the optimal time for each recipient to receive your message and automatically sends your email without requiring any user intervention
• Increased Open and Conversion Rates – Turning on the Predictive Delivery button empowers your email campaigns to achieve higher open and conversion numbers. Having a tool that properly times delivery of your messages to each individual contact increases the statistical chances of conversion and offers better data for post campaign analysis.

Closing Thoughts: The value of using Predictive Delivery

Overall, the Predictive Delivery function by Active Trail is an important feature with the potential to bolster your email marketing campaigns and improve ROI. Backed by Big Data capabilities, you can rest assured that Predictive Delivery will deliver your messages at the exact time your contacts check their emails. Moreover, Predictive Delivery’s ease of use and built-in automated email dispatch help increase open rates. Based on these advantages, there is really no question at all: using Predictive Delivery will help you maximize your marketing objectives and increase sales potential.