Multiple subject lines


With ActiveTrail you can divide your recipient lists into sub-groups and send the same campaign, with a different subject line!

The subject line is the first part of the email that your recipients will see and has a great impact on the success of an internet campaign. A good subject line should be interesting and inviting, generating interest and inspiring your clients to open the email. The best way to create a good subject line is to refer directly to your client by using his/her personal information such as city of residence, marital status, etc.

“New Yorkers look out!”

Using a client’s address is a great example of how you can send a personal email that clasps your client’s attention much better than a wide appeal.

Creating a single campaign with multiple subject lines is easy. Just click “Use multiple email subjects” in the “Setup” step when creating a new campaign and choose your different sub-groups.

1. The division can be made based on pre-programmed conditions – name, address, birthdate, etc. or on any other condition that you can think of.

2. Enter a condition such as “New York”, “Washington”, “Boston” as in the previous example.

3. Enter a subject line that matches your set condition.

4. Add a personal touch to the email by using further personal information such as the name of your recipient to appeal directly to your customers.

It’s that easy! Using ActiveTrail you can create a single campaign with multiple subject lines to fit your needs.

Try it out for yourself!

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