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Simple and Easy Email Marketing

  • User-friendly email marketing platform
  • Mobile responsive campaign editor
  • Dozens of professionally designed templates
  • Landing page builder
  • Comprehensive reports in real time
  • Integration with social networks and CRM
  • SMS sending system
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Why should you choose ActiveTrail email marketing software?

Almost half of your subscribers are reading your emails on their mobile devices. With ActiveTrail’s new responsive email editor that’s not a problem at all! All emails are automatically adjusted to any device.


ActiveTrail’s email marketing automation platform offers a simple and effective solution for all your email marketing needs. Start using ActiveTrail today and watch your revenues grow!
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  • Active SMS

    ActiveTrail offers SMS sending packages with attractive prices to send marketing and operational texts to your customers. ActiveTrail’s advanced API allows for smooth integration with the organization’s system to provide relevant messages in real-time.
  • Active Pages

    Landing pages for marketing campaigns Active trail allows you to create personalized landing pages with the ability to market additional products and services to your subscribers. Landing pages will help grow your income from all your campaigns Why do... Read more
  • Active Transactional

    Automated emails, directly from your website or application Transactional emails are the emails that are sent automatically by an application or website following a user’s action (or inaction). It can be a password reset, a user verification, a monthly... Read more
  • Active Surveys

    If you don’t ask how will you know? Successful businesses are usually the ones that understand their clients and engage with them on an ongoing basis, adjusting their offers according to the clients’ ever changing needs. Understanding users and monitoring... Read more
Discover more Active Features
  • 33

    Autoresponder Software

    Create a series of emails that can be sent automatically to recipients who perform certain actions. You can, for instance, set it to send an email the day after registration, which, could, for example, include information on various products... See more features
  • 32

    Birthday and anniversary campaigns

    Create campaigns that would be sent automatically, according to a predefined schedule. For example, a personal campaign sent recipients on their birthday, or a campaign that would triggered in respect of every recipient signing to your mailing list. See more features
  • Feature4

    Advanced image editor

    Our rich image editor, which is integrated in the campaign editor, allows seamless editing of images from within the ActiveBuilder environment. You can crop images, fix red eyes, re-scale, and more. See more features
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  • 10 tips for boosting email campaigns

    In email campaigns, It’s all about the list. If you’re not doing everything possible to grab new subscribers, your response will falter and your sales will drop as the inevitable “list attrition” rules prevail. Read more
  • Spam Filters: Avoiding the Traps

    Getting your valuable email campaigns delivered is getting harder thanks to SPAM filters. Not only are ISPs employing SPAM filters that block “unwanted” email campaigns from ever reaching a subscriber, whether the subscriber agrees with the SPAM designation or... Read more
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