Almost half of your subscribers are reading your emails on their mobile devices. With ActiveTrail’s new responsive email editor that’s not a problem at all! All emails are automatically adjusted to any device.

What is Active Email Marketing?

Active Email Marketing adds a proactive approach to your email campaigns. Just like a smart marketer would analyze results and follow-up with additional actions, ActiveTrail identifies opportunities in your user’s behaviors and acts upon them automatically.
  1. 1. The friendliest email wizard
  2. 2. Dozens of designed templates
  3. 3. Comprehensive reports
  4. 4. Action-based automation
  5. 5. Social networks integration
  6. 6. Integration with CRM systems
Active Responders
Increase conversions by creating series of emails that will be scheduled and sent automatically to recipients who perform a certain action. You can, for instance, set it to send an email a day after a registration, which includes various products. Then, a week later, send one showing a coupon and so on.
Active Transactional
From registration confirmation, password recovery, monthly bill, to financial statements; these are just a few examples of transactional emails you can send through our transactional module. Using Activetrail’s API you can create these emails with complete reliability.
Active Surveys
Activetrail allows you to create surveys with a variety of question types and send them to your recipients. The system displays data on who has opened the survey, which questions were answered, and the answers themselves, providing important insights on your audience.
Active Pages
Activetrail allows you to create personalized landing pages. With ActivePages you can lead your users from the campaigns that you send directly to the relevant landing page, which includes a clear and optimized call to action and lead collection functionality. Start converting your inbound traffic now!

Discover more Active Features

A/B Split Tests Automation

Send multiple versions of your campaign to a focus group within your list to find out what works best for your customers, and let ActiveTrail select the winning version by analyzing your focus group’s open or click rates.

Advanced image editor

Our advanced image editor, which is integrated in the campaign wizard, allows you to quickly edit images without leaving the system. You can crop images, fix red eyes, re-scale, and more.

Mobile support

More than 30% of your recipients are likely to read your email on their mobile devices. With ActiveTrail you can rest assured that they will see it properly, as our unique wizard fully optimizes all its templates for mobile visibility.
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